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Healthcare: Attention to detail where it's needed most.

National Service

Our dedication to quality and rigorous attention to the most important details make Blackpool Laundry a proven and trusted supplier to some of the UK's most respected healthcare organisations.

We have recently been awarded BS EN 14065:2016 Certification for Laundry Processed textiles - Biocontamination Control System. This demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest standard possible of clinically clean disinfected linen and workwear. We offer an unrivalled speed of turn-around for busy healthcare facilities and don't believe that it is possible to procure a better service for linen supply and laundry.

Quality is also externally verified by the Laundry Technology Centre (LTC) via quarterly test piece benchmarking. Once the tests are completed they are analysed for chemical damage, whiteness maintenance, fluorescence, rinse efficiency and residual iron as well as stain removal.


A report is then received and a scoring system shows performance levels and any areas of concern or improvement. We are pleased to have consistently scored high in these tests.

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