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Watch our process in action

The human touch

Product quality is monitored by trained operatives who specialize in managing specific work stations within the processing plant. Sorting would be the first opportunity to check for linen quality. The next stage for checking the quality of cleanliness or damage would be post washing. At this point the different categories of linen take different specific directions within the plant, subject to their finishing requirements.

Flat linen is hand or mechanically fed and calendared or hand/mechanically folded. Fully dried items are either hand fed and mechanically folded or hand fed and folded.


In addition, items that pass through the hot head press and the finishing tunnel are hand fed and hand folded. At these various stations any offending article would be removed from the process if the operative observed any signs of staining or damage. Items removed at this stage would pass to rewash or to the specific rag cage for this contract. If the rejected item(s) had already been rewashed they would be directed straight to the correct rag cage.


The third opportunity to check the quality of product which has been processed is at the packing stage following pressing and folding. The primary objective of this control is to ensure that pressing and packing meet the specifications laid down by the individual customer. Any stock which is removed at this stage due to its unacceptable quality would be refolded by hand or returned to be rewashed and repressed.


Also rejects are kept to an absolute minimum by the strict in house preventative maintenance program, this includes the regular monitoring of washing machine temperature gauges and washing formulas (from dosing to rinsing).

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